Sasayama School of Architecture

August 26 (Mon.) – August 30 (Fri.)

Organizer: SCRUM (Association of building firms in Sasayama)
Cooperation: Kobe Design University, Society of Commerce & Industry Tanba-Sasayama


“Sasayama School of Architecture” is a project to promote awareness of architectural heritages and evolve professional building skills through research and practice around the city of Tanba Sasayama. This is not an established academic institution but an educational program which regards the city itself as the campus of the school. The organizer “SCRUM” is an association of eight building firms in Sasayama, and hosted intensive workshops for architectural students every year since 2014 in cooperation with Kobe Design University. On the basis of the past experience, this year we welcome any student or young practitioner of architecture or related fields to participate in this summer workshop of 2019.

What to learn

1.Practical exercise of measurement and investigation of an old house which is the subject of the renovation design project.

2.Participation in the group work to propose the renovation design of the building. The best proposal could be realized after the workshop.

3.Lecture by Kazuya MORITA: the architect’s studio is located in a small village in Kyoto.[Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio]


August 26 (Mon.) – August 30 (Fri.), 2019

Day 1 (Aug. 26th):
  • – reception 13:00
  • – opening ceremony and guidance
  • – field survey (walking tour in the city)
Day 2 (Aug. 27th):
  • – exercise of measurement and investigation of the house to renovate
  • – lecture by Kazuya MORITA, architect from Kyoto
  • – dinner party and discussion with Kazuya MORITA
Day 3 (Aug. 28th):
  • – group work and discussion for the renovation design
  • – interim presentation
Day 4 (Aug. 29th):
  • – group work and discussion for the renovation design
Day 5 (Aug. 30th):
  • – group presentation and final review
  • – awards ceremony
  • – closing 12:30 (half past noon)

Area of the summer workshop activities

City of Tanba Sasayama

Kobe Design University (Joint organizer of the workshop)

Department of Environmental Design

Information for Participation


– Any student, apprentice, or young practitioner of architecture or related fields

Maximum number of participants:

– 20 persons

Registration Period:

– from July 3rd to July 27th, 2019 (late entry may be accepted depending on the situation)

Participation Fee:

– 25,000 Japanese Yen (accommodation and 2 meals per day [breakfast and dinner] are included.)

Items to bring:

– notebook computer (You can use any software. Exported drawings will be laid out by Adobe Illustrator.)

Place of the Workshop Studio:

– Tanba-Sasayama Shoko-Kaikan, 58-2 Nikai-cho, Tanba Sasayama, Hyogo, Japan


– Iketomi Ryokan, Tatsu-Machi, Tanba Sasayama, Hyogo, Japan (shared tatami room [Japanese style], sleeping with futon)


– The workshop is operated in Japanese. However, possible English support will be prepared depending the necessity of the participants.

Entry Form:

(This is the entry form for preliminary registration. You will receive more detailed information by e-mail.)


    Birth Date (Day, Month, Year)




    Name of your school and the subject of study

    Please describe if you can bring a notebook computer and list the names of the installed applications.

    e-mail address

    telephone numbers



    allergy, food restriction, etc.

    Transportation to the meeting place

    public transportcar

    additional information or questions